Land Of The Damned

‘Good music always seems like it’s easy, that’s the deception.  ‘Land of the Damned’ is a track which will deceive you…’

I, Defy

‘I Defy’ is the second single from Dublin singer-songwriter Baba and it’s pro-woman, pro-choice, pro-equality and pro-doing what the hell you feel like as long as you aren’t hurting anybody. Following on from her gentle debut single Empty Arms, Siobhan…

Awesome Mnásome

Spice Girls, Admiration and Drive! I sat down with Sinead from Music blog ‘Mnásome’ ahead of our gig in The Workman’s Club.  Have a read  here.      

Empty Arms- Artwork

There is only one week to go until I release my debut single ‘Empty Arms’ and I would like to take a minute to appreciate the artwork for the single which was designed by the ridiculously brilliant Jenny Fogarty of…

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