‘Hold On Tight’ is the first release of 2019 for Dublin singer-songwriter Siobhan Lynch aka Baba and is a powerful voice for those suffering from mental health issues, something Siobhan has experienced herself.

I have always suffered with my mental health since I’ve been a teenager” she says, “but in early 2018 after a very dark period where I suffered with debilitating anxiety and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through, I decided to get some help in the form of counselling”.

With this track, Lynch not only hopes to be able to keep the conversation about mental health active but also help those facing the struggle to open themselves up and seek the help available. “Sometimes, when you’re so swamped by your feelings, you can’t see the wood for the trees”, Siobhan comments.

“For so long I was afraid to talk to anyone about what was going on and I am now so proud to be able to write about it and be open especially in a modern world where so much of ourselves is online and we are expected to be shiny and happy”.

Hold On Tight is Baba’s first collaboration with producer Cormac Butler, Butler is a producer on the up after working with All Tvvins, Sean and Conor Price as well as producing the latest single ‘The Answer’ for the brilliant True Tides.

Hold on Tight was written by Siobhan Lynch and produced by Cormac Butler.

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