Scrape & Crawl


I screamed and punched out the lyrics to Scrape and Crawl in under 5 minutes. It was a very visceral response to the disillusionment I was feeling as a female and as a human living in a society where greed and beauty seem to take a precedence over our mental health and well-being.

The pressure to live up to what our society deems ‘normal’ and ‘beautiful’ had me feeling like I was constantly on my knees just trying to survive each day.

Despite its title, Scrape and Crawl is a gentle reminder to everyone, regardless of gender, that beauty can be born from the darkest of experiences. It’s so important to always have that something beautiful you can cling to and just remember to hold on tight.

Scrape and Crawl was originally intended to be an acapella track for my personal collection but it grew legs and has taken on so many different meanings over the last year.

Through it, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many brilliant creatives. The video for Scrape and Crawl was shot in the confines of the mysteriously beautiful Aerial Cirque on Exchequer Street. It was directed by Al Doyle and shot by Dara McDonagh. Having sat down and described the sentiment of the song to actress and aerial performer Ria Murphy, this incredible talent choreographed and performed a beautiful routine capturing and fulfilling everything my broken heart desired!

Scrape and Crawl will be available to download/stream from Itunes & Spotify from Friday July 21st.


Love Always Baba X


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